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Using Small Tablet Issues & Fixes

2 months ago
#1509 Quote

I purchased your LASR Station with the tablet because I use Linux. The tablet is very small and I find it almost impossible to select targets and shooting areas. Is there a way to hook the tablet to a monitor and use a mouse?


Is there any other way to make this more user friendly?

2 months ago
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I solved some of this by putting a USB splitter and hooking both the mouse and the webcam into the splitter to have both working. Still have not figured out how to hook into a monitor.



2 months ago
#1512 Quote

There is an HDMI port on the side of the tablet. I would suggest using that.

Also, just attach the provided keyboard dock for a trackpad (mouse) and keyboard.

2 months ago
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Thank you!! I purchased this cable to hook the tablet into a monitor (in case someone else needs it):

J&D Mini HDMI to VGA Adapter Cable Converter (Black, Adapter)

When the tablet is hooked into my monitor, the sound cuts out. So I use my monitor to get things set up and the tablet to acutally shoot. It would be preferable if there was sound so I could use the monitor.

The LASR system is totally awesome! I shoot USPSA and 3 gun and now can practice every day at home between range visits.

Thank you for developing it.