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cannot create

6 months ago
#1503 Quote

anyone else having this problem?  csnt write in drill or setup fields and cant save (finish and test).

one month ago
#1641 Quote

I am having the same problem. Still have'nt otten any answers yet

one month ago
#1644 Quote

Sorry for not replying earlier, somehow I missed this post.

There is a bug in the exercise creator that only affects some people on some computers that is like you described. We spent over a month trying to fix it recently and got nowhere (part of the issue is finding a machine that suffers from the issue). We'll keep looking into it.

Please keep in mind that the exercise creator is a beta version.

one month ago
#1646 Quote

Thanks for the feed back I'll keep an eye out incase you find out anything

one month ago
#1647 Quote

Having the same issue. The main thing I noticed was there are no fonts listed in the dropdown menu.

Also it won't let you copy and paste from notepad either.

This is an HP computer with Windows 7 on it.