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What is the difference between 110 SIRT metal slide and Polymer slide ?

3 months ago
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I have two questions.

The 110 SIRT hand gun with the metal frame costs more than the one with the polymer frame. What is the difference between the gun with the metal frame and the polymer frame ?

I have a Glock 17 holster Will this gun fit in a Glock 17 holster ?

with respect


3 months ago
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There is no difference between the frames, it is the slides you are referring to. In short, one has a polymer slide, red shot laser, and one has a metal slide, green shot laser, and realistic weight.

This information is actually covered a few times on the product page, and in the product video: http://lasrapp.com/store/nextlevel-training-sirt-110-pistol

"The SIRT 110 Pro offers a metal slide with extra durability, and also makes the weight of the SIRT pistol very approximate to that of a real pistol, including ammo. The Student  model has a polymer slide, making it approximately 4 oz lighter than a real pistol."

"SIRT 110 Pro Pistol R/G (Glock)
Green shot laser -- Metal slide -- Realistic Weight"

"SIRT 110 Student Pistol R/R (Glock)
Red shot laser -- Polymer slide -- 4 oz lighter than real pistol"