4 years ago
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For software (both the LASR software and the plugins) denoted with "Delivery Method: Email", the products will usually ship within 15 minutes. If it is not denoted with "Delivery Method: Email", then your products will be shipped to you with the rest of your order.

If you do not see them, please check the following:

1.) Your spam or bulk folders. 
2.) Make sure it is not hidden in "conversation veiw"  (common with Gmail)
3.) Under some random sorting folder (i.e. "promotions" in Gmail or "clutter" in Outlook)
4.) Make sure your order email address was correct (the billing address email when you checked out)

The product emails are sent from support@LASRapp.com, so you can try doing a search for that. It's also probably a good idea to add that email to your trusted contacts.

If you purchased LASR Classic you can utilize our license recovery tool to automatically resend your license email.

If you are not having any luck with any of these, then please contact us with a DIFFERENT EMAIL address that the product emails can be forwarded to.

We understand that this can be frustrating, but we do NOT control your email server. Your product emails were sent (there are several fail-safes to ensure they are), but your server rejected them, for whatever reason, that is beyond what we can control.

Server level spam filtering is a wonderful world of made-up rules which are constantly changing. According to people that work on them, server spam filters can randomly decide they don't like such minute things as certain phrase or punctuation, simply because they look similar to the behavior of recently active spam bots. They do not tell you or us that an email was blocked or why, and may only block one of multiple emails that were sent to you from the same sender.