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"I plugged in the camera but can't select it as an option / It isn't showing up!"

one year ago
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Please reference the printed instructions that came with your camera. 

There is an extension activation key which must be entered into LASR. The instructions provide this key and instructions on how to use it.

If you have already activated this extension, then you must turn it on. If you have updated or re-installed LASR, or made major changes to your system, this may default back to the "off" position.

one month ago
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Advanced camera came in a box with a sticker that says, "stop. Read the instructions." No instructions in box. Now I cant turn on the camera 

one month ago
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My camera did not come with a plug in code

one month ago
#1539 Quote

Pretty sure we got you taken care of over email. Again, I apologize for the issue and assure you that it is not typical.