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"Mobile Devices?" (Phones / Tablets)

3 years ago
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There are several tablets available that run a full version of windows that can handle the LASR software just fine,
including the Microsoft Surface Pro series:

Of course we offer the LASR Station, which includes a Tablet with LASR already installed.


2 years ago
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"But what about my phone or Apple/Android Tablet?"

The big show-stopper here is webcam drivers and USB ports. IOS and Android devices don't have a way to connect a webcam (functioning USB port) or, much less, the drivers to actually use a webcam. Pretty much all Windows 10 devices do.

The use of a built in camera seems like a dandy concept... 

... until you actually try it. You'll go to tap your screen to change a setting and, since the camera is fixed to the device, your hits and target zones are now askew to their actual locations, since you bumped your device. Then LASR sees changing light (which is how the whole magic happens) and gets confused, throwing false hits and lighting advisories. Not to mention that you'll have to put your device at weird angles to get it to see any targets placed at "normal" height.

The LASR Station comes with an external camera, and we even go as far as deliberately blocking the internal camera from being used for shot detection. In the video above, we are still using an external camera, instead of the built-in camera on the Surface. Trust us, built-in cameras are a nightmare.

While there are *some* solutions that we could implement to alleviate some of these issues, we have found they are only half-fixes that create new problems. We are not planning on doing anything in this arena until we know exactly how we can deliver a _good_ product.