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"Mac Version?"

3 years ago
#66 Quote

 You can run LASR on your Mac... utilizing software provided by Apple called "Bootcamp". Most newer Macs already come with it, and it allows your machine to run Windows applications.

Apple already provides complete support for bootcamp and for running Windows, as it is a common neccessity for Mac users who want to use "less common" software. We have done this on several machines (including one that we commonly take to shows, use for testing, and is a primary office computer) and have many users who do it without issues.

There are a ton of resources online, and we also have a basic step-by-step guide here with links to support topics for this on Apple's website.

Please note: You will have to purchase a license for the Windows Operating system of your choice. We generally like Windows 10 the best (purely a personal recommendation), which can be found online for as little as $30.

As an alternative, there are also emulators that can accomplish this, such as Parallels or VMware, which many of our users have had good results with. Again, the recommended solution is bootcamp, as it is the easiest to use and allows Windows and LASR to make full use of your machine's resources.

Click here for more information on this.

Alternatively, you can also opt for the LASR Station.

3 years ago
#408 Quote

 "But, will you ever develop a native Mac version?"

We have talked on and off about an OSX version of LASR. One of the big issues is that it is not a matter of just translating stuff over, it is a matter of starting from nothing, as literally NOTHING translates over, and rebuilding the software from scratch.

The other side of this coin is that, as shown above, Apple already solved this problem. In fact, around 85% of Mac users already utilize Windows in some form or another, so, all in all, a Mac version would only represent about a 2% potential gain in sales1. In order to gain that 2%, we would have to more than double our expenses. All in all, a LASR Station is likely about the same price, or cheaper, than a Mac version would have to be, just to break even.

Another common misconception is that a Mac version would somehow be more reliable or more capable. The reality is the opposite. A Mac version would actually be LESS tested, LESS proven, and would probably have fewer features (at least to start off with), simply becuase of its shorter life and smaller user base.

I'm not saying there will never be a Mac version, but I will say that there is no real plan in place right now for one, especially given the existence of side-by-sides and emulators (although I do understand they are not always easy to use and are not, at all, the ideal solution).

In the meantime, a little humor for ya: