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IDPA Classifier

one year ago
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Hi,  I am new to IDPA and want to set up the LASR to run through the classifier sequence.  Do you know how I can set up the Par times for each section of the classifier and see an overall score?  Is there a plugin that has it all pre set up?


I have the 1/3 size IDPA targets set up already and have the target scoring plug in working.  Thanks for any help.


one year ago
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Just set up your targets, draw your targets zones, and shoot the strings/stages. I'd use random start, or, if I wanted a par time, random start with par. You can then save your results (targets timesheets), and review them side-by-side for the different strings in reports veiwer. 

If you wanted to have more automated scoring, you can take a look at the Target Templates and Target Scoring plugin, but they really aren't required, as you can look at your shots on the screen.

one year ago
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Thanks for the reply.  I don't think I was clear in my question.  I have my target's set up.  I have the target templates and target scoring plug in.  What I am looking for help with is different.

For example in the IPDA classifier stage 1  the first round is two to the body one to the head.  Each srting is timed.  Next we move to two to the head on each target with a time for that round and so on.  I am, ideally, looking for a system that is smart enough to know the sequence of an IDPA classifier and tell me the time I got for each string.  Ideally the LASR software would be smart enough to time each string in each stage.  i.e. stage 1

String 1 - Draw and fire two shots to the body and then one to the head on T1. (3 shots)

String 2 - Draw and fire two shots to the body and then one to the head on T2. (3 shots)

String 3 - Draw and fire two shots to the body and then one to the head on T3. (3 shots)

String 4 - Draw and fire two shots at each head T1-T3 in any order. (6 shots)

---The Scorekeeper will watch for required head shots that miss the head and hit the body. These hits below the head area must be noted or pasted before shooting String Five.---

String 5 - Start with firearm in the weak hand, pointed down range at a 45º down angle, safety may be off, but the trigger finger must be out of trigger guard. Fire one shot each at T1-T3 in any order, weak hand only. (3 shots)

String 6 - Load exactly 3 rounds in the firearm. Start back to targets, turn, then draw, and fire one shot each at T1-T3 in any order, reload from slide lock or empty cylinder and fire one shot each at T1-T3 in any order. (6 shots)

String 7 - Draw and fire two shots each at T1-T3 in any order, strong hand only. (6 shots)

Does that exist, is that possible?


one year ago
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Here is the full list, all stages http://www.cbshooters.com/idpa/files/IDPA_Classifier_Match_Scoring_and_Layout.pdf

one year ago
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Yes, I'm familiar with the classifier.

LASR has a shot timer built in, I'm sure you've found that. If you want to do a multi-string drill with the results on on timesheet, you can use Repetetive Mode: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qCot7UBnJI_bd5q76DouHuOcJDmFGsSEs479ILh3tWk/embed?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000&slide=id.g2ecfe2a0e_371

Just bump the duration up enough that you have enough time between timer starts.

You can also do each string individually and save the results and compare them in reports veiwer: http://lasrapp.com/store/boards/topic/90/reports-viewer-video-tutorial

one year ago
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Thanks very much.  Not exactly what I was hoping for but the tools you highlighted are very helpful nonetheless.  Thanks very much.