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Shooter Watch: Webcam not working with plugin

2 years ago
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First, please reference this link: 

"Webcam isn't working with LASR"

If none of those tips are helpful, there are a couple of additional things to check/try:

1.) Ensure Windows is up to date. The Shooter Watch plugin makes heavy use of a component in Windows called DirectX, and it needs to be kept up to date to function correctly. Click here for more information.

2.) Change your microphone. As covered in the instructional video on this plugin, and in other help topics. If you are using an external microphone, it can cause issues with the Shooter Watch plugin.

3.) Reduce your camera resolution. Again, this is covered in the instructional video.

4.) Reverse your cameras. Even if just for experimental purposes, try using the camera you had for shooter watch for shot detection, and vice versa. If possible, you should try using a completely different camera/cameras.

5.) We've seen some webcam drivers (webcam drivers are not made by us) that get really confused when they have multiple webcams of the same type running at the same time. Please try using two different webcams that have different drivers.

6.) If you are still not having any luck, please contact us.

If you are using the built-in camera on a mac:

We have had some rare reports of the Shooter Watch Plugin returning blank videos when it tries to play back Shooter Watch videos recorded with a mac's built-in webcam. We were able to re-create this on our test machine, and after A LOT of testing, found that it was actually not blank, just very very very dark (if you shine a light directly into the camera you can see it in the playback faintly). 

We haven't been able to figure out what is going on with this just yet, but it appears to be some sort of F-up with the camera driver when recording starts. Unfortunately, this means it is out of our ability to fix (we don't make the camera driver), so our recommended fix is to use an external webcam if you are experiencing this.

2 months ago
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Im currently using a LOGITECH C930e in windows 10, webcam is working fine. 


When I Open the LASR software No display on LASR software screen and webcam was not detected. 


Please help.





2 months ago
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Are you referring to just with the Shooter Watch plugin, or with LASR in general? Either way, LASR just lists what webcams that windows says are available, which means that the issue is most likely with windows, the camera, or the camera driver. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

2 months ago
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I've done everthing updating the drivers, windows, switching off the antivirus. The Webcam (Logitech c930e & PC Build In webcam) works perfectly with skype and other Software. But when I open the LASR software it will only notify the webcam and the screen just go blank.


2 months ago
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Let's limit this conversation to email, as repeating the same information in two locations (under an unrelated topic) is counter-productive. I would need to setup a screenshare to provide any additional assistance, as, again, LASR uses standard windows protocols and resources to access webcams, so I will have to troubleshoot your computer.

2 months ago
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if you haven’t figured it out yet, first thing would be to shut down any Logitech provided applications. These can create a system hook and not allow otter applications to access the camera. 

Next right click on the LASR icon and select run as admin.

try selecting the camera at that point.

If this doesn’t work go to search  put in camera privacy settings.  Make sure that camera access is allowed for LASR. This option might not show up in your build of Windows 10 as I’m using a dev build.

Lastly you can remove all Logitech software, then go in to device manager and locate the camera. Right click and select remove. IF asked you want to delete existing drivers.  Make sure the camera is unplugged from the USB.  Restart the machine, once its up go ahead and plug in the camera. Let windows install the drivers.