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Please reference the minimum system requirements.

If you are considering a purchase, we strongly advise you to click on "Build My Kit" at the top right of any page on our website. It will help greatly to get you pointed in the right direction.

For the non-tech people:

All computer specs that you need to worry about are easy to understand: Bigger is better and minimum is minimum. Couple of examples:

- If we say 1.0 GHZ processor and you have anything higher than 1.0, you are GTG.
- If we say Windows 7 or newer, then anything newer than Windows 7 will be fine.
- If we say 320x240 resolution webcam, then anything with a higher resolution will be fine (the resolution can be dialed down to an appropriate level).

How to check your system specs:

1.) Open windows explorer (like where you look at files). It doesn't matter where.

2.) Go to the left sidebar and find "This PC" or "My Computer". Right click on it, and select "Properties"

3.) There you go. Your operating system, processor/CPU, and RAM are all right there