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Download / Installation Tutorial

3 years ago
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Please make note of the troubleshooting links throughout this page.

"How do I move LASR (my license) to a different computer?"

If you cannot find your download link and/or license key: click here


1. There are two ways you may receive your download link and license key: product email or a physical card. This depends on what exactly you purchase, and who you purchase from.

If you are working from a product email, you can click on the link to visit the download page:

"I haven't received my product email!"

If you are working from a license card, the back of the card will have a URL that you can type in to your address bar to go directly to the download page.
"I can't find the download page!"

2. Once you are at the download page, you just need to click the "Install" button.

3. Your browser will then download the file. You will want to "Run" or "Open" this file when your browser prompts you, and/or when the download is finished. If your browser does not have that option, you will need to save the LASRSetup.exe file somewhere on your computer, and run it from there.

3 years ago
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"Not installing/Installation failed/Installation stalling"

4. The installer will then show you its start screen, which will prompt you to give it administrator privileges. Click "Install" to proceed with the installation.

5. Before you start with the LASR installation, you'll have some prerequisites to install. Depending on your computer settings, you will likely be prompted several times to click "Okay" and "Yes" to confirm that you want to proceed throughout the installation. .NET Framework 4.6.1 will be the first to install. Proceed through the prompts and confirm things as they come up to continue with the installation.


If at any time, your computer prompts you to restart, you should do so. If the installer doesn't start back up automatically, find the LASRSetup.exe file you downloaded earlier and start it again.
If at any time the installation seems to have stopped or failed, a good first step is to restart your machine and restart the installation.
NOTE: If the setup detects that you already have a pre-requisite, the installation will usually skip that one.

6. The next two prerequisites you'll be installing are Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2014 and Microsoft Report Viewer 2015. The installers for these both look pretty similar, so we'll just show you the CLR Types installer. Again, you'll be confirming a few prompts until you get those two installed.



3 years ago
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7. Once all the pre-requisites are in place, the actual LASR installation will begin. From here, you'll be asked to accept the terms of our License Agreement, choose your install location, and then install LASR. Once the install is finished, you'll have the option of running LASR upon clicking "Finish".

8. Immediately after installation of LASR is complete, the application will launch if you left the "Launch LASR" checkbox ticked. LASR will then ask you for your license key, name, and email:

Note: You can copy/paste your license key from the product email, or scratch off the covering for the license key on the back of your card, and enter it from there.
"It won't accept my license key"

2 years ago
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Important: You need to enter a reliable email address to register your license. This email is required if you ever need to transfer your license or need other assistance.

You are then good to go, after accepting the End User License Agreement. It is generally recommended to close LASR and restart your computer one last time before using the software. The quickstart video will play (if you have an internet connection), and LASR also has some built-in "hints" that will walk your through the basic setup. For other usage questions, please reference the LASR Online Tutorial for more information on both this basic usage and all of the features and modes within LASR.

NOTE: Once you have installed LASR, you do not need to go through these steps again, and you can disconnect from the internet if you wish. You can start LASR by clicking on the desktop icon, or access it through your start menu.