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"What if I install LASR on a computer, and want to put it on a different one?"

2 years ago
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LASR must be installed on a computer (or other device running a supported version of Windows), and each license is limited to running on one computer at a time. But, no worries if you do get a new computer, as you can move LASR to a different computer using the same installation link and license key.

You can move the license once every 30 days, and plugins will migrate with the license.

If you wish to run LASR on two different computers regularly, you will need a second license. Bulk pricing for multiple licenses starts at four units. Please contact us for more information on our bulk pricing.


7 months ago
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I understance that question. I'm a senior advisor for Hanford Patrol Police Explorers. The one thing I would love to know would /could you give a discount to us? This would be cost effective for us because our buget is always not what you could say large. As I see it that that could help alot. That would be the progam and the red and black Glock.


Bruce Alger

Senior Advisor of  Operation

Hanford Patrol Police Explorers


7 months ago
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You can find information on the discounts we offer here: http://lasrapp.com/store/boards/topic/10/what-do-i-need-to-qualify-for-a-discount

I would think that your program would certainly qualify.