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Testimonials and reviews of LASR from Emails

2 years ago
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This thread is a collection of testimonials and reviews of LASR we have gotten via email.

All quotes are used with permission.

2 years ago
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"Shot my first match after using the LASR system. My pistol runs were flawless! that was the most confident I have ever shot in a match! I did so well I was the top shooter at the match. Now I'm getting pinged from folks I shoot with asking where to get [L.A.S.R.]"


"I recently purchased L.A.S.R. and love the concept and features. I wanted to say thank you for a great product at a great price."


"L.A.S.R. is a great tool for me, thank you. You already said there is new stuff coming out. I can't wait."


"I've spent the last 15 minutes with your software and my SIRT trainer. I am in love. I've known about your product for under 48 hours, and if I had to do it over again, I would have bought it within the first five minutes of seeing it. Thanks for an excellent product."


"...keep up the GREAT work. Your product is one of the best dry fire training tools around."


2 years ago
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"We use your software religiously for our training company. We also use it personally for continued training for my wife and I to better our tactical skills. My wife recently purchased a different holster purse and she was timing herself during a draw and shoot. She was seeing a delay when she tried to pull down the zipper to access her weapon. the problem was that she couldn't grab onto the zipper handle well enough or fast enough. She decided to add a larger leather "fob" to get better grip. Because of your software, she saw a one second improvement in her draw time. It would have only been a guess without it. 
We love what you do and would not "leave home without it!" Thanks for all you are doing."


"...I would like to say, this program is PHENOMENAL!  You should be asking at least $150 if not $200 for the program.  

I am the owner and lead instructor for Safe Insight LLC.  We are a West Coast based firearms training company.  I have invested much more than this into similar programs in the past, but have been severely disappointed with each."


"Let me start by writing that L.A.S.R. is an outstanding system! 

I personally purchased the software license last week and successfully integrated in into personal, as well as training evolutions for my tactical team only yesterday. As a result, there are many officers, operators, instructors and agencies within Western North Carolina who are being introduced to L.A.S.R. for either their personal acquisition, or are recommending it for purchase by their agency.

Thank you for ending the apathetic excuse of not having sufficient budget resources to take firearms training to the next level.

I look forward to future additions (plug-ins) for the software! You have a staunch supporter in [redacted for privacy]!"


2 years ago
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"As  the Chief of Police and a firearms instructor, I am always on the lookout for new and innovative training ideas and equipment.  LASR is one of the best tools I have seen lately.  The feed back and weapons manipulation skills from this remarkable software make it a product, in my humble opinion, should be part of every LE organizations firearms program. On top of being a superior training tool, it is inexpensive. Keep up the good work, me and my officers love your system."

--Robert 6/4/2015

"I wanted to drop you guys a line, not for support, but a thanks for an awesome product and responsiveness.I called earlier to check on using LASR under Parallels on my Mac and the info was great.  What a great tool for practicing!"

-- Rob S. 6/10/2015

2 years ago
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"I love this software!  Very well done, folks!"  -- Michael B. 6/21/2015

2 years ago
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"I have been a Macintosh user for over thirty years, therefore I was hesitant to try the L.A.S.R.: Laser Activated Shot Reporter since it was Window based. I gave in and finally loaded my Windows emulator on my mac and the purchased the L.A.S.R. Software, it runs flawlessly. I go to my local gun range twice a week and I can honestly say that the software has improved my shooting skills. Great product!"

-James E.

one year ago
#787 Quote

"Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know that we can not express how much we love the software! We just opened a laser training/shooting range in our store and it has been a huge success thus far. My employees are challenging each other and challenging customers. We have a 2400 square foot space, that allows for so many different ways to utilize the system. I have attached some pictures of our current space and setup, we are always working on new challenges. It's made work even more fun and actual range time even more precise. Thank you for creating such an invaluable training tool!"

-- Todd A.,  Eagle Valley Outfitters

This photo was included showing their setup, and showing that no matter your end goal LASR can help you get there!


one year ago
#1055 Quote

"The product is great, works great, works as advertised, is so simple to set up. The SRT 110 definitely feels like a real pistol almost.   Its weight and size makes one able to practice drawing with something that has a real feel and able to fire it and see where your hitting.   Great service and products."

-- Kasey O.