2 years ago
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The bargain hunters out there will be glad to hear that you can find discount codes for our online shop. If you don't have one already, here are some places to check:

- Apply for an instructor discount here
- Apply for a Military/LE discount here
- Apply for a competition shooter's discount here
- Apply for a conceal-carrier's discount here
- Fill out the pop-in email signup that shows up on many pages of our website (like the home page)
- Shopping cart reminder email
- "Checking in" email that you got a few days after your order (for returning customers)

You can use your discount code on the shopping cart page before checking out!


A few notes about discount rules and limitations:

- They all offer the same savings (10% off), so if you already have one, don't bother looking for another one.
- They cannot be combined
- They cannot be added after you have placed your order
- You can share your discount code with family or friends (although you should look at the LASR Referral Program for this)
- The questions for some discounts do not affect your discount amount, they are just info for us
- Discounts are only offered for regular orders placed through out online shop. If your order requires special procedures, such as a government PO, phone in, or other special handling, no discounts are offered or available.

We recently made some changes to our discount scheme to simplify and streamline it, while offering the customer a bit more off. This does mean that there are no longer "with LASR" discounts offered. Most older discount codes were transfered to the new system and will still work as outlined above.

If you are a referral member, we are trying this new system out for a few weeks. If it works out better than the old one, we will be revising the the referral and comission system to match with the new discounts.