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Airsoft Rail Mounted Laser

Convert your airsoft device to a recoil laser training aid.
Manufacturer: Laser Ammo
Availability: 2 in stock

This rail mounted laser allows you to transform your airsoft device into a recoil laser training aid. It clamps on to the picatinny rail of your device, and uses the vibration of the trigger break to know when to fire the laser pulse. The laser's point of impact is adjustable using four set-screws. The cartridge uses the same batteries as the Laser Ammo inserts, and the whole thing installs and removes in only a few seconds.


This adapter is compatible with most airsoft devices that have a picatinnny style (or similar) rail for mounting, and will also work in conjunction with blanks, simunitions, and other training options that produce recoil. When used with airsoft devices, you may want to remove or block the magazine follower to prevent the action from locking open on each shot.

Airsoft Rail Mounted Laser includes:

  • Laser Ammo spider mount
  • Laser Ammo vibration activated laser cartridge
  • Carrying Case
  • Instructions
  • Spare battery pack (two packs total)

Important: In order for recoil laser training aides to work with LASR, the LASR Advanced Camera is required. It is not included with this product, but can be added seperately.