Dryfire practice is the key to building and maintaining skills between range sessions

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" I have improved almost a full second for draw and reloads in only a couple weeks. I love that you can set up other peoples drills and it never really gets boring since its something different every day. "

Cory - LASR User

" The LASR system has truly maximized my Dry Fire performance, which translated in shaving more than one second from my 'Draw-to-Fire' time AND improving accuracy after only 3 weeks of use. The LASR system has been the singularly the best performance improvement investment. "

Thomas - LASR User

" Shot my first match after using the LASR system. My pistol runs were flawless! that was the most confident I have ever shot in a match! I did so well I was the top shooter at the match. Now I'm getting pinged from folks I shoot with asking where to get [LASR]. "

Key - LASR User

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