Dryfire practice is the key to building and maintaining skills between range sessions

About LASR

" [LASR] is a great dry fire tool. I would recommend it to anyone interested in honing their skills without a trip to the range. The product has already paid for itself (no cost for ammo). Great product! "

Timothy - LASR User

" I've spent the last fifteen minutes with your software and my SIRT trainer. I am in love. I've known about your product for under 48 hours, and if I had to do it over again, would have bought it within the first five minutes of seeing it. Thanks for an excellent product. "

Wayne - LASR User

" I have improved almost a full second for draw and reloads in only a couple weeks. I love that you can set up other peoples drills and it never really gets boring since its something different every day. "

Cory - LASR User

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