" L.A.S.R. is the perfect training aid for anyone who is a competition shooter and is trying to practice their skills. Practice helps speed and accuracy, I greatly recommend this product to all the people I shoot with! " Tim - LASR User and Competetive Shooter

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Dry fire practice is the key to building and maintaining skills between range sessions

How it Works

LASR runs on your computer, and uses any webcam to watch any targets for laser impacts from any laser training aid.

When LASR detects impacts, it instantly reports the hit with an audible tone, the exact location, and, using the fully integrated shot timer, tells you exactly when you hit.

Unlimited target combinations, as well as a plethora of features and modes allows you to practice how you want, where you want, when you want.

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Be Fast

LASR includes a fully integrated shot timer with all of the modes and features you would expect, such as par and random delay, and a few you might not expect, such as a randomized target mode, and the ability to change your start signal.

When speed is the name of the game, having accurate and effective feedback is required. LASR gives you the ability to save and compare different drills, and even graph out your shot times historically.

Be Accurate

Being fast but not hitting anything isn't going to get you where you're going. LASR provides instant and precise feedback on shot placement as well options that include the ability to sort your hits from misses, and get additional feedback on trigger control.

Additional add-ons are available for even more feedback on your accuracy, including pre-build IDPA/USPSA/IPSC target zones with automatic and customizable scoring.

Be Efficient

LASR is easy to set up and easy to use especially if all you want are the basics, but you can also expand your practice. You can get solid on your reloads, work on shooting around barricades, and practice your movement to make it as efficient as possible.

From quick drills to complex courses of fire, the only real limits to what LASR can help you with is your imagination.

Online Training

The LASR Community presents a wide variety of options and abilities for competition shooters.

Participate in online matches to keep yourself sharp during those off months, host your own matches, or get prepared for classifiers with downloadable and self-running exercises based on the official stages.

The LASR Community is a FREE web service within LASR.

What our users say:

" I use [LASR] for demos, training, and practice! Great tool! "

Richard - LASR User

" [I] use the software on a laptop with webcam and SIRT... Pretty good tool to have on hand. "

Sean - LASR User

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