Be safe, practice often.

Being prepared doesn't have to be expensive.
You can build and maintain skills in your own home.

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Dry fire practice is the key to building and maintaining skills between range sessions

How it Works

LASR runs on your computer, and uses any webcam to watch any targets for laser impacts from any laser training aid.

When LASR detects impacts, it instantly reports the hit with an audible tone, the exact location, and, using the fully integrated shot timer, tells you exactly when you hit.

Unlimited target combinations, as well as a plethora of features and modes allows you to practice how you want, where you want, when you want.

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Practice Your Draw

The drawstroke is perhaps the most critical component of your skillset, and most people who carry do not practice it often enough, if at all. With LASR, you can work out the mechanics of your draw, and even test your reaction times.

You can practice your draw in any clothing, from various positions, and in different conditions, all in the comfort of your own home. LASR will provide you with instant feedback on shot placement and time, and much more.

Think Outside the Box

There is much more to effective self defense than standing still and drawing to shoot a single target. With LASR, you can run any drill with any complexity, including movement, use of cover, target discrimination, and much more.

LASR will provide you with critical feedback on your performance, and offers a ton of features and modes to help you get more from your practice. More feedback, more diagnostics, more value, and more fun.

Strive to be the Best

No one ever became a professional athlete by carrying around a ball, and no one becomes competent with their firearm just by owning one. LASR can track your progress over time, providing insight into how you are improving, or what you need to work on.

When seconds count, don't be fumbling. Be ready to defend yourself and your loved ones. When it comes to self-defense, there is no such thing as "good enough".

Online Training

The LASR Community presents a wide variety of options and abilities for keeping your skills sharp.

You can find instructional exercises that include demonstration videos to help you improve and sharpen your techniques, courses-of-fire that offer daily practice routines for improving your drawstroke and challenging your skills, or a variety of other drills to help you become better prepared.

The LASR Community is a FREE web service within LASR.

What our users say:

"This software is amazing, absolutely amazing.... I watched my draw to first shot times drop, watched my splits and transitions drop."

-Vince L. (

"I'm very impressed... and utterly addicted. Definitely the best money I've spent on training accessories outside of a class, and with a lot of repeatable use and value."

-crimsonfalcon07 (

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