We truly believe that LASR is one of the best training aids available, and we have always been grateful to our users and fans who have helped us to grow our product and our brand. The LASR Referral Program allows us to show our gratitude to those who are advocates for our products!

LASR Referral Program

How it works:

You choose a custom discount code for our online shop that you can give to your friends, followers, customers, or random people on the street.

When one of them uses this discount code in our online shop, they get 10% off their order, and you get a commission on any LASR license that they purchase (including the LASR Station)!

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How much are the commissions?

Your number of referrals are tallied up each quarter, and your commission per referral is calculated based on your total number of referrals for that quarter.

  • 0-9 Referrals: $15 each
  • 10-19 Referrals: $16 each
  • 20-29 Referrals: $18 each
  • 30-39 Referrals: $21 each
  • 40 or more Referrals: $25 each

We'll send you a report via email and a check in the mail at the end of each quarter.

Am I eligible?

Are you in the firearms community? Then you probably qualify!! The LASR Referral Program can be great for youtubers, bloggers, instructors, gun store owners, and even just well-known folks.

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So what's the catch?

The LASR Referral Program can be great way to offer LASR to your followers without having to keep inventory, but it does have some obvious limitations:

  • No control over point of sale
  • Cannot set own pricing
  • No commission from hardware or plugins
  • Lower margins than wholesale
  • Customer must remember to use discount code

If these are things that are must-haves for you, you are probably more interested in our wholesale program.

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Already a Member?

Customized Brochures

Already ran out of the ones we sent you in your free welcome packet? No problem! You can order some more, customized with your discount code, for only the cost of shipping.

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Online Materials

Need some graphics or widgets to share your discount code on your website, blog, or social media? Browse through our selection of graphics for the one that fits your needs.

Online Materials

Need some ideas?


Why not make a youtube video showing your favorite drill with LASR? Show folks the benefit of enhancing their dryfire practice, and tell them a little bit about the tools you use.

You can mention the discount code in the video, or even put it as a graphic at the bottom with URL to our website!


Have a blog, website or social media page? You could do a write-up about dryfire practice, and include one of the pre-made widgets or graphics we provide to let folks know about LASR.

You can also create your own materials! A quick video or some pics don't take a lot of work, and can make your content more engaging.

On Location

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store? Tell folks about LASR, and, if they're interested, make sure they get a brochure with your discount code.

Even better, have a demo of LASR set up so they can try it out and see the benefits themselves!


If you have an event coming up, LASR can be a great way to draw folks in, or just a fun and educational activity to make you memorable.

We even provide some tips for setting up LASR at shows and events, take a look by clicking here.

Need some more help?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need some assistance, have any questions, or just want to bounce an idea around!

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