We truly believe LASR is one of the best training aides available, and we think it can be a great addition to a wide variety of retail models. We offer a variety of special support to our dealers and distributors to make sure your participation in our wholesale program is as successful as possible.

LASR Wholesale Program

How it Works:

Like most wholesale programs, you purchase products from us in bulk, with 25-50% discounts, and offer it to your customers. The wholesale program allows you to have complete control over the point of sale, set your own pricing, and have a respectable profit margin.

Our primary products are the ones we manufacture: the LASR Software, LASR Station, LASR Plugins, LASR Extensions, and the LASR Advanced Camera.

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Hardware Available

We also offer wholesale pricing on hardware, such as SIRT pistols, Laser Ammo inserts, webcams, and more. Because LASR works with ANY hardware, there is no requirement to purchase these items from us.

It is highly recommended to offer common hardware alongside the LASR software, to make the buying process as easy as possible for the customer.

Custom Packages

For most of our dealers, we recommend offering one or two simple kits that include the software and hardware. This makes the buying process as simple as possible for the customer, which translates to higher sales.

We'll even help you develop the ideal kit for your target market, and custom packaging is available!

Additional Options

Sales Portal

We can set you up with a sales account in our online shop, which allows you to take orders in person or over the phone. You can make dealer margins without having to have your own system or handle any inventory.

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Automated Dropshipping

Automated dropshipping of most hardware and all software products is available, if you want to avoid dealing with inventory. This offers dealer margins, but will likely require development on your side to feed order information into our system.

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Materials and Resources

While we encourage our Wholesale Program members to create their own materials, we understand that not everyone has the time or the resources. For this, we grant our dealers and distributors permission to use nearly any and all of our materials.

If you do want to create your own materials, don't hesitate to contact us for advice. We can help you produce the highest quality materials at the lowest price possible, and provide advice for handling things like screen recording and more.

Borrow Ours

See some graphics, text, videos or other materials that you like? As a Wholesale program member, you have permsission to "borrow" these materials for your own needs.

Modify as Needed

If you need graphics, text, videos, or other material to modify and make your own, don’t hesitate to ask us for the originals. We can provide high-res versions that are much more suitable for modification.

Printed Materials

Printed materials can be the toughest thing, as you want to make sure that the final product is professional looking and high-quality, for the best price.

For this we have pre-formatted brochures, and other materials, that you can add your point-of-sale information to in a snap, and we’ll even get you pointed towards our recommended printing sources.

As a Reminder

There are a few things that are off-limits. This includes the LASR Online Tutorial, Quickstart Guide, and other end-user support material. These have to be kept meticulously up-to-date, so no duplicating or modifying of these materials is allowed.

If you wish to create your own basic demonstration videos, we do ask that you let us help you to make sure the content is as accurate as possible.

Need Some Ideas?


Why not make a youtube video showing your favorite drill with LASR? Show folks the benefit of enhancing their dryfire practice, and tell them a little bit about the tools you use.

Resist the urge to put the sales pitch up front. Give the veiwer something of value to lure them in.


Have a blog, website or social media page? Make the most of your online marketing efforts by ensuring your customers have all the information they need.

Let us know if you'd like us to take a look at your online presence and make some suggestions!

On Location

Do more than just hang the product on a hook. Show the customer what the product is and what it does by using signs, brochures, banners, or even video.

Even better, have a demo of LASR set up so they can try it out and see the benefits themselves!


If you have an event coming up, LASR can be a great way to draw folks in, or just a fun and educational activity to make you memorable, in addition to helping sell product.

We even provide some tips for setting up LASR at shows and events, take a look by clicking here.

Advice and Training

We've built this company, product, and brand from scratch, and learned a lot along the way. We want to help you by passing on what we've learned to make sure your efforts are as successful as possible.

From a simple phone call to bounce marketing ideas around, to an online webinar to train your salespeople, we're here for you.

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LASR Referral Program

Not sure that our Wholesale Program is right for you? We also offer the LASR Referral Program as an alternative. It allows you to offer a discounted price on LASR to friends, followers, fans, or customers, and still be able to make a commission off of the sale.

And yes, you can do both! In fact, we recommend our Wholesale Program members also become Referral Program members, as it offers a good secondary option if you run out of stock or the venue just isn't appropriate for offering retail product.

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