Laser Activated Shot Reporter

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How It Works

LASR runs on your computer, tablet, or phone and uses the camera to watch any targets for laser impacts from laser-bullet inserts or training pistols.

When LASR detects impacts, it instantly reports the hit with an audible tone, the exact location, how fast you were, and can provide diagnostic feedback.

" I watched my draw to first shot times drop, watched my splits and transitions drop. This software is amazing, absolutely amazing. "

Vince - LASR User

" As part of an NRA Training Counselor Focus Group... I have been using the LASR system and have found it to be a very effective training aid. "

Stanley - LASR User

" After 21 years in the Army, [LASR] is money well spent for instructors and shooters of all levels. "

Michael - LASR User

Full-Spectrum Coaching

Practice anything you want, and LASR will provide the key feedback to help you improve.


See (and hear) exactly where you hit (or miss) on any targets, so you can work on tightening up your fundamentals before hitting the live range.


Anyone can be slow and accurate. LASR includes a fully integrated shot timer that encourages you to press for speed, improving reaction times and adding stress to your practice.


Trigger control and steady position are much easier to master when you have reliable feedback. LASR Shows you movement during the shot with a visual trace, helping you to understand what you need to work on.

LASR is built for shooters, by shooters

More Value

LASR has been getting updates, improvements, and new features since 2012. It far exceeds the capabilities of any other dry-fire tool available within its price range.

You can use LASR with ANY targets including multiple targets, and it works with ANY laser device, including inserts for your real firearms and dedicated training pistols.

Order Now

Order Now
Operating Systems
Tablets and Computers

Phones, Tablets, and Computers
Price $120.00 $65.00
Save $43
License Duration Lifetime
License Limits 1 Computer at a time 1 device at a time
+$10 per additional device
Internet Required
Internet conneciton required for use
No Yes
Free Support
Phone, email, online
Free Updates
Online Training Depot
Guided practice with clear goals, rewards, and coaching for a variety of different drills.
LASR Community
LASR Challenges
Use ANY Laser Device
Any color, any manufacturer
Use ANY Targets
Printouts, lightswitches, pictureframes, targets from the range, anything you want!
ANY Webcam or Built-in Cam
External webcams are always recommended
Easy to Use
Easy to learn with built-in instructions
Automatic target recognition and selection
Hit/Miss feedback
Complex target shapes and near-miss audio and visual feedback
Zoom and Pan
Zoom in and pan around for the best veiw of your targets
Shot Timer
Fully Featured and Fully integrated
Remote Controls
Designate remote control targets to restart the drill and more
Save and Load Presets
Your settings and setups are saved and restored automatically
Multiple Targets
Up to 20 target zones
Rapid Shooting
Keeps up with resetting trigger devices
Visual and Audio Settings
From start signals to shot tones, customize to your liking
Shot Diagnostics
Map out movement during the shot to show issues with trigger control
Detailed Diagnostic Graphing
Get more insight on what happened before, during, and after the shot
Multiple Shooters
Up to 20 different shooters can shoot simultaneously
Using One Computer
Using Multiple Devices
Reload Mode
Have the software call for reloads and/or malfunction drills
Target Down
Simulate failure to stop drills or enforce a round limit or goal
Coming Soon!
Call Targets
Randomly call out different targets to shoot, you can even customize the names
Save and Review
Save your results to spot areas that need improvment
Coming Soon!
Multi-Device Networking
Multiple directions, multiple rooms, synchronized control and feedback
Infrared Compatible
Use with non-visible infrared laser devices
With LASR Advanced Camera
With a Infrared Camera
Recoil Compatible
Use with recoil-enabled training devices
With LASR Advanced Camera
Complex Accuracy feedback
USPSA, Bullseyes and more
With Target Templates Plugin
Coming Soon!
Automatic Scoring
Points, penalties, hit factor and more
With Target Scoring Plugin
Coming Soon!
Instant Saving
Expanded saving results options
With Quick Save Plugin
Coming Soon!
Custom Sounds
Integrate custom range commands or other sound files
With Custom Sounds Plugin
Coming Soon!
Record the Shooter
Use a second camera for replay-style feedback on your shooting
With Shooter Watch Plugin

LASR Users

" I am a law enforcement firearms instructor, and I decided to take a chance on LASR to see if it is everything it was bragged up to be, and it exceeded my expectations. It is a great tool for training and very flexible. I especially like the diagnostic mode for new shooters. I'm extremely impressed. "

Ben - LASR User

" [LASR] is a great tool for me, thank you. You already said there's new stuff coming out. [I] can't wait. "

Kenneth - LASR User

" We are very happy with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone and have to many. We are in the beginning phases of developing our Firearms Safety Training Company and in the charter classes, this equipment has proven well worth the investment. Almost every client has inquired about the LASR system. Very impressed with the system. "

Andy - LASR User

Featured in

Approved by the Training Division of the National Rifle Association

Feature Highlights

LASR provides a plethora of features. Here are some of the most expansive.


Dry fire practice doesn't have to be a chore. The LASR Challenges provide clear scoring, rewarding goals, and a fun progression, all while helping you to become a better shooter.

Challenges are available in LASR X only.


The LASR Community allows you to download pre-made courses of fire that automatically run in the LASR Software. These courses are made by other users and you can even contribute your own!

Community Exercises are available in LASR Classic only.

What are your training goals?

CCW/Self Defense Competition Instructors Mil/LE/Professional


Multiple targets, a fully-integrated shot timer, online training and matches, and much more are included in LASR to help you be ready for your next match.

Whether you want to just run quick training or do complete classifiers, LASR can more than meet your needs!

We're proud to support, and participate in, the shooting sports.

Concealed Carry

Practice in your own home to improve you speed and accuracy out of the holster. You can test yourself with different methods, clothing, positions and more.

LASR can help you see improvement, or spot areas that need some work, while helping to keep you honest about your performance.

LASR is designed for the at-home user: Affordable, easy to use, and highly customizable.


Get students prepared for the live range and practice new skills in a safe environment. See real-time diagnostics on trigger control, keep records of student's performance, or have multiple shooters, up to 20, at the same time.

LASR is a great tool for instructors and students at any skill level and for any training goal.

LASR has been reviewed by the USCCA with glowing results, and officially approved by the NRA Training Division.

LE and Mil

Create and distribute training routines either online or in private to help our problem shooters, setup mini scenarios in real-world environments, or setup a 24 hour training area in the office.

Get new hands up to speed and keep your veterans sharp, LASR has a wide variety of features and modes to help you be mission ready!

LASR is used by various law enforcement agencies, military organizations, and security firms.